Winter Readiness For Maryland Cars

Winter Readiness For Maryland Cars

Your Maryland auto repair shop can help get you ready for the cold and wintry weather. While it has been a mild start to winter here in Maryland the temperatures are once again dropping. This makes it a good time to think again about whether your vehicle is ready.

Not only can some preventative car maintenance save you money but it can also reduce your stress.

One item to consider is the battery in your car. When the temperature drops your car battery must work harder to start your vehicle. Also the cold can reduce the charge on your car battery. If you don’t know when you last replaced your battery now is the time to check. Open the hood of your car and look at your battery. It should have a sticker with the date right on the battery.

Having a dead battery in your car won’t damage your vehicle. However, jumping your car to get it started can be dangerous. It also seems that a dead battery happens at the worst possible time. It usually happens on some frigid cold day when you are in a hurry to get the kids to school and yourself to work. These are the same days that the auto road services take longer to respond because there will be a lot of people with similar issues on a very cold day. Being late for work is not good and a dead battery is preventable if you take the time to replace your battery if it is getting old.

If you have not had the antifreeze checked in your car then make sure you get this done. Without the right levels of antifreeze some fluids in your vehicle can freeze and cause major damage to your vehicle. This damage is expensive to repair and may not even be repairable. Your auto repair shop can check the antifreeze to let you know if it is low or the solution is not sufficient for the upcoming cold temperatures.

Next to consider are your tires. If the cold weather brings precipitation you will want tires that can handle the conditions. Tires that are wearing unevenly, are low on tread or are not the right tread can create dangerous situations when driving. As if winter driving was not dangerous enough already. Visit your auto repair shop and have them check your tires to make sure you are ready for winter precipitation.

In Maryland winter precipitation means roads that have been treated with salt. Check the fluid in your windshield washer. When you have to drive in these conditions it is important to be able to effectively clear the salt residue from your windshield. Salt on your windshield can make it difficult to see clearly and create a dangerous driving situation. Having a full reservoir of windshield washer fluid will make sure you can keep the window clear and be able to safely see out when driving.

After a storm check the windshield washer fluid again. You can use up a lot of fluid in a short time when cleaning salt off of your windshield.

During the winter weather the oil in your car will get thicker from the cold temperatures. Be sure to let your car warm up a little longer on cold mornings so that your oil is at a consistency that can properly lubricate your engine. This will reduce wear and tear on your engine and help you to prevent other car repairs.

A trip to your local service shop can check these and other items on your vehicle to make sure you are ready for what winter sends our way. At Forest Hill Car Care you’ll receive personal and helpful service when you need auto repair service. If you live in Forest Hill, Bel Air, Fallston or the surrounding area inHarford County,Marylandthen please give us a call for your car repair and car maintenance needs.

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