Get Better Gas Mileage And Save Money

Nowadays we are trying to find as many ways to save money as possible because every time we turn around someone is trying to get into our pockets and take our money.


We all need certain things like food, water, a place to lay our heads and a place to work to pay for all of this. We also need some kind of vehicle to get us to work so we can make the money to pay for all these things. Plus we want to be able to enjoy some of the fun things in life.


If you really want to save some money, keeping your car in good running condition is a great place to start. With gas prices going up all the time and higher gas prices driving up the cost of everything else, saving money at the pump is something you can do right now to reduce your spending.


Keeping you car in good running condition is simple. Some of these items you can do yourself. Unfortunately many people won’t do them until there is a problem. The issue with waiting until there is a problem is that it will cost you more money if you wait.


The first thing you should look at is any extra items you have in your car. Clean out any unnecessary clutter. This is easy to do yourself.  Any extra weight in your car makes your car burn more gas.


I’ve seen cars come into my shop with so much junk in them that I’m surprised the car even moves. It is uncomfortable saying something to the owners of these cars but feel it is important to say something because I know that they are just wasting fuel. They are wasting their money by hauling all that extra junk around in their car.


The funny thing is that when I tell them they often say to me that they no idea they were wasting fuel and thank me for saying something.


So take out those extra tires you have been carrying around in your trunk or those golf clubs you haven’t used in three months. The lighter you keep your car the better gas mileage you will get. The better gas mileage you get the more money you will save.


Also something you can do once a month that is very important and will help you save money at the pumps is to check your tire pressure. Make sure you have the proper air pressure in your tires. Your owners manual will tell you how much air pressure you should keep in the front and rear tires.


Buy yourself an air pressure gauge at your local auto store. Keep it in your car so you will always have it with you. Get into the habit of checking your tire pressure and it will save you money. It will also reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.  


When you go to get your regular oil changed make sure you get your air filter checked also. If it needs to be replaced, replace it. Your car, like humans, needs to breathe air. The difference is that when your car does not get enough air to breath it will suck up fuel like a camel sucks up water.       


Also have your mechanic check your fuel filter. When the fuel filter gets dirty your car will have to work harder to get fuel. That means your vehicle will burn up more fuel and cost you money at the gas station.


Once every three to four months you should use a fuel system cleaner to help keep your fuel system clean. Ask your mechanic what type to use for your car or truck.


People always ask me about when they should change their spark plugs and wires. The timing of changing spark plugs depends on what kind of plugs are in your car. If you have platinum plugs they might get 100,000 miles. If you don’t have platinum plugs you may want to have them changed every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.


Your spark plug wires should be looked at every time you get your oil changed. Wires do last a long time. But if you get them checked regularly you won’t have to worry about them letting you down at the wrong time.  


These are just a few things you can do to help you save money at the gas pumps and reduce costly repairs later. Nobody likes to get their car or truck worked on but it is necessary to keep them running in tip-top shape.


If you have any other questions stop in to Forest Hill Car Care and say hay. We will answer any questions that you have about your vehicle and car repairs.

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