Brakes and Your Safety

A lot of people ask how often they should get their brakes checked. To answer this you must first understand that it really depends on how you drive the vehicle.

If you are the type of driver that rides the brake peddle then you are going to need your brakes checked a lot more often then someone that doesn’t ride their brakes.

Most cars today have sensors on the pads and when they wear down to a certain point they will start to squeak. This is when you need to bring your vehicle in so we can take a look at your brakes.

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If you think that your brakes don’t feel right bring your vehicle in. It’s always better to be safe then sorry.

You’ll find that most front brake pads last about 25,000 – 30,000 miles. But again, this depends on the way you drive the vehicle. I have seen some brake pads last as long as 70,000 to 100,000 miles.

The rear pads can vary a lot because of the different styles. If you have rear drums they will go 70,000 plus miles.

Keep in mind when choosing someone to do your brakes, a franchise-type shop needs volume to make any money. So who are they really looking out for? They can only do a large volume by getting lots of vehicles in and out in a hurry.

Who do you want to trust with your family’s life!!

A shop that needs to push volume to make money or someone that is family-oriented, locally-owned, and there for you and your needs?

I’ve been a loyal customer since 1971 with Dave and Bob. Never needed to get an estimate for my repairs because they always do the right thing at the right price. They treat your car as if it were their own. – Roger

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