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Get Better Gas Mileage And Save Money

Nowadays we are trying to find as many ways to save money as possible because every time we turn around someone is trying to get into our pockets and take our money.


We all need certain things like food, water, a place to lay our heads and a place to work to pay for all of this. We also need some kind of vehicle to get us to work so we can make the money to pay for all these things. Plus we want to be able to enjoy some of the fun things in life.


If you really want to save some money, keeping your car in good running condition is a great place to start. With gas prices going up all the time and higher gas prices driving up the cost of everything else, saving money at the pump is something you can do right now to reduce your spending.


Keeping you car in good running condition is simple. Some of these items you can do yourself. Unfortunately many people won’t do them until there is a problem. The issue with waiting until there is a problem is that it will cost you more money if you wait.


The first thing you should look at is any extra items you have in your car. Clean out any unnecessary clutter. This is easy to do yourself.  Any extra weight in your car makes your car burn more gas.


I’ve seen cars come into my shop with so much junk in them that I’m surprised the car even moves. It is uncomfortable saying something to the owners of these cars but feel it is important to say something because I know that they are just wasting fuel. They are wasting their money by hauling all that extra junk around in their car.


The funny thing is that when I tell them they often say to me that they no idea they were wasting fuel and thank me for saying something.


So take out those extra tires you have been carrying around in your trunk or those golf clubs you haven’t used in three months. The lighter you keep your car the better gas mileage you will get. The better gas mileage you get the more money you will save.


Also something you can do once a month that is very important and will help you save money at the pumps is to check your tire pressure. Make sure you have the proper air pressure in your tires. Your owners manual will tell you how much air pressure you should keep in the front and rear tires.


Buy yourself an air pressure gauge at your local auto store. Keep it in your car so you will always have it with you. Get into the habit of checking your tire pressure and it will save you money. It will also reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.  


When you go to get your regular oil changed make sure you get your air filter checked also. If it needs to be replaced, replace it. Your car, like humans, needs to breathe air. The difference is that when your car does not get enough air to breath it will suck up fuel like a camel sucks up water.       


Also have your mechanic check your fuel filter. When the fuel filter gets dirty your car will have to work harder to get fuel. That means your vehicle will burn up more fuel and cost you money at the gas station.


Once every three to four months you should use a fuel system cleaner to help keep your fuel system clean. Ask your mechanic what type to use for your car or truck.


People always ask me about when they should change their spark plugs and wires. The timing of changing spark plugs depends on what kind of plugs are in your car. If you have platinum plugs they might get 100,000 miles. If you don’t have platinum plugs you may want to have them changed every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.


Your spark plug wires should be looked at every time you get your oil changed. Wires do last a long time. But if you get them checked regularly you won’t have to worry about them letting you down at the wrong time.  


These are just a few things you can do to help you save money at the gas pumps and reduce costly repairs later. Nobody likes to get their car or truck worked on but it is necessary to keep them running in tip-top shape.


If you have any other questions stop in to Forest Hill Car Care and say hay. We will answer any questions that you have about your vehicle and car repairs.

Delayed Auto Repairs Cost More

Delayed Auto Repairs Cost More

Your car is an important part of your life. Sometimes we don’t realize how important until it stops working. Here in Harford County, Maryland it is hard to get anywhere without a vehicle. Hi, my name is Bob Hines. I’m the owner of Forest Hill Car Care with my partner Dave Quante. Between the both of us we have over 80 years of experience in car repair. That’s a lot of years taking care of vehicles. We understand how important it is to find a good and honest mechanic that will take care of your vehicle without taking advantage of you.

Here at Forest Hill Car Care we give you “Peace Of Mind”. You want someone to look after you? You Got It!!

If you need a simple oil change or need major engine work we will be there for you. If you need a car inspected bring it in – we are Certified State Inspectors. We will make sure that the car is safe for you to drive. If you have problems with emissions we are also Certified in Emissions.

The best way to take care of your car is to bring it in for an oil change. While we are doing the oil change we will take a look at your brake system, balls joints, exhaust system and other import things. It’s better for you to get those items checked so you really don’t have to worry about them. But you do have to bring it in for first time so we can look at it.

With today’s economy many people are putting off necessary maintenance on their vehicles. They are also delaying necessary repairs. Unfortunately that is leading to them to spending even more money for more serious repairs. It saddens us to tell people that they have a major repair bill knowing that if they had brought their car in sooner it could have been repaired for much less.

Delaying necessary car repairs really does cost more in the long run. A small needed repair on your vehicle that is delayed can turn into a major repair bill in a very short time.

Some times it’s hard to trust someone with your vehicle that you don’t know and I can understand that. Would you rather trust someone that says we can do an oil change in 10 minutes for you or would you rather have someone that is very experienced and will take the time needed plus look over your car for you and let you know what he finds?

Don’t think that when we look over you car we are going to try to sell you on something else. We are only looking out for you and letting you know if there are any problems that you may or may not want to take care of or plan to have done. It’s your vehicle and we want you to be well-informed/

If you have any questions about your car we would be glad to talk to you about them. It’s important that you understand what your car needs and we will explain anything to you in terms you can understand.

You are very important to us here at Forest Hill Car Care. Take the time to come out and see us at 2403 Rocks Road Forest Hill, Md 21050 or call us at 410-838-3116.

You can even just stop by to meet us. Ask for Bob, I’m friendly and I look forward to meeting you.

Mechanic Forest Hill Offers Free Air At Auto Repair Shop

Mechanic Forest Hill Offers Free Air At Auto Repair Shop

Mechanic Forest Hill offers free air at auto repair shop. Other shops charge for air for your tires. And many times the air doesn’t even work. If you need air in your tires stop in at Forest Hill Car Care and see how great it is to get service from your local, friendly mechanic in Forest Hill.

Keeping Your Car Well Tuned

Keeping Your Car Well Tuned

One of the best things that you can do is to keep your vehicle as well tuned as you possibly can. This means taking note of those regularly scheduled maintenance checkups that you so often ignore.

Studies indicate that a car with an engine that is poorly tuned will increase the amount of fuel consumption from 10 to 20 percent.

Information found at shows that when you tune up a car that is due for a checkup or one that has emissions problems, you can increase the gas mileage by up to 4.1 percent.

Pay attention to the signals that your car is giving you.  When the red message light on your dashboard lights up letting you know that it’s time to “check your gauges” make sure that you have your car looked at as soon as you can.

If you are uncertain when the last time was that you had your car serviced you may be able to contact the mechanic that last did the work for you.

If they keep accurate records your mechanic will be able to give you a date for your last maintenance visit and help you schedule a new one at the same time.

Change the oil in your car on a regular basis.  When you keep the oil in your car clean you reduce the wear that is caused by friction in the moving parts of your car’s engine.

Keeping track of your last oil change will save you money at the gas pump and increase your fuel consumption.

Make sure that you are using the right grade of oil that is required by your car or truck.  Oil grades are measured in viscosity, which determines how much the oil can resist flow.  Grades of oil include:

  • 0W (this is the thinnest) (“W” stands for winter)
  • 5W to 25W
  • 20 to 60 (60 is the thickest)

Check with the owner’s manual that comes with your car for more information about the grade of oil that is required by your car.

Make sure that you use the right grade of oil to ensure that your car runs as smoothly as it should in all types of weather.

If you find that you are always running out of oil when you need it you can buy car oil in bulk at stores such as Costco so that you always have oil available for your vehicle.

Forest Hill Car Care can help you with an oil change or a full tuneup.

Brakes Bel Air – Auto Mechanic Bel Air Repairs Brakes

Brakes Bel Air – Auto Mechanic Bel Air Repairs Brakes

At Forest Hill Car Care the auto mechanic inspects the brakes on this vehicle. Properly working brakes on your automobile are important for your safety, your family’s safety and the safety of other drivers. Don’t take a chance – if you feel anything different, feel any kind of pull, or hear any noise when you press the brake pedal bring your car in today for a free brake check.

Oil Change Md. by Forest Hill Car Care

Oil Change MD by Forest Hill Car Care

Oil Change service in Forest Hill MD. Providing complete car care by certified and trained mechanics. Serving Forest Hill, Bel Air, Fallston and Harford County, Maryland. Visit us today.

Forest Hill Car Care
2403 Rocks Road
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Forest Hill Car Care Clean As A Whistle

Forest Hil Car Care Clean As A Whistle

Forest Hill Car Care Clean As A Whistle. If you are looking for auto repair in Forest Hill or Bel Air Md. check out the shop.We are sure you will be happy with your auto repair. 24000 mile / 24 months warranty.

Forest Hill Car Care Power Steering Pump

Forest Hill Car Care Power Steering Pump

Forest Hill Car Care is working on a power steering pump. Customer said they had a very hard time trying to steer… Mechanic found 2 pin holes in the power steering lines… replace the lines, add fluid, test drive, good as new …

Forest Hill Car Care – Official Opening June 13, 2011

Forest Hill Car Care – Official Opening June 13, 2011

Forest Hill Car Care OpeningFinally all the permits are in place and Forest Hill Car Care will be officially opening on June 13, 2011.

You can now receive the same honest and affordable auto repair service in Forest Hill that we have been providing to our Overlea customers for 17 years!

It would be great to have you stop by and say “hi” – whether you need any auto service right now or not.

Ask for Bob – I’m one of the owners and I’d really enjoy meeting you.


Forest Hill Car Care Shop

Forest Hill Car Care

We’re busy preparing for our Grand Opening! The owners, Dave Quante and Bob Hines have been serving the Overlea area and are very excited to be opening their new auto repair shop, Forest Hill Car Care.

As a Bel Air resident owner Bob Hines is very proud to soon have a facility to offer dependable and honest car repair services to his neighbors in Harford County, Maryland.

Here’s a picture of the future home of Forest Hill Car Care:

Auto Repair MD - Forest Hill Car Care