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Worn Out Windshield Wiper Blades Cause Blurry Windshield

Worn Out Windshield Wiper Blades Cause Blurry Windshield

Windshield wiper blades wear down and completely stop performing after time. Imagine driving during a sudden torrential downpour or through a foggy day with windshield wipers whose blades will not clear your windshield.

Harford County Maryland has experienced a lot of sever weather recently. Recently Hurricane Irene pounded the area with rain and winds. The winds blew debris off trees onto windshields while people are driving and your wiper blades had to remove the debris. Following Irene, Tropical Storm Lee hit us with its remnants and caused heavy rains throughout the area.

Both storms should remind us to make sure we have wipers on our vehicles that are in proper operating condition. It is easy to ignore the warning signs of failing wiper blades; that is until you are in a hard rain and need them even more. Not having properly operating blades can endanger you, your passengers and other people on the road.

Since the blades are made of rubber the sun can cause the blades to degrade over time. A lot of use can diminish their effectiveness. And wiping away storm debris can damage the blades. If your blades are showing any indication of wear, now is the time to replace them.

To start off, you should first purchase a complete set of windshield wiper blades that are the proper size for your vehicle. At Forest Hill Car Care we can help you get the proper wiper blades for you car

Many people have a hard time figuring out how to install new windshield wiper blades.  We can install your blades for you quickly and have you back on the road in record time. You won’t have to mess with doing the installation yourself.

If you do want to do the installation follow the directions on the blades or in your owner’s manual. Here are some basic instructions: Pull the wiper arm away from the windshield and make sure that it is not resting on your car’s windshield anymore. Then, you can start removing the old wiper blade from the arm. For some windshield wipers you simply push on a tab and pull the blade off. However, there are some wipers that require you to lift a tab with a small screwdriver to get the blade loose.

When you have removed the old blade, you can now put the new blade on the arm. Make sure that you put it on correctly. The blades should be securely attached to the wiper arm. If not, it could fly off once you are cruising down the streets. If you are satisfied that the blade has been successfully replaced, you can now put the windshield wiper arm back to its old position against the windshield. You can test the blade by using the windshield washer. Sometimes additional adjustment is need to made sure the entire length of the blade is in full contact with the windshield.